Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mixtape: Smokee Robinson

Wiz, Spitta, and Nipsey are collaborating on a mixtape entitled "Smokey Robinson"...I'm feeling that title, makes it pretty clear what the theme of the tape will be lol. My man thinks Nipsey is wack but the snippet of the verse played in this video sound pretty sharp..niggas buggin.. i FDDDux wit Nips. After attending a Curren$y show I'm feeling him as well and Wiz is aight his hooks be crazy...this tape should be a goodie

All my weed smokers...listen to Spitta and roll your bud in papers as opposed to blunts...add some extra years to your life lol

Friday, January 29, 2010

Joe Budden - Downfall


On this joint Joe rap from the heart as usual, drops several jewels, and even touches on the breakup with Tahiry in the last verse...

Download Link Joe Budden - Downfall

Update: Liked the song so much I decided to make a slideshow to it, to try to capture what Joe is talking about...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Dare You: Foot Offenses

Recently my camera phone has captured some disturbing images. I feel that if I were too ignore such foot offenses I may as well be apart of the problem. So the exposure of these pictures is my way of helping out

Enter with Caution:


How Dare You...

I'm headed to the cafe to lock in and destroy the fine cuisine that they have to offer and before I enter I'm unpleasantly greeted with this nigga tuckin his 40 x 42 coogi denims into his polo boots

The whole pant leg??? Word??? Is that how you really feel son? smfh and the worst part is it was important enough to him to make sure he did it before entering the cafe..

I caught another nigga from afar in the library...


Again I sniped him from afar so its a bit blurry but you get the point...stuffing the whole pantleg in the polo boot has become an epidemic...alot of foot offenders running around smh

While shopping for some snacks...


How Dare You...

son where you found these B? I know its rough but aint no excuse for your joints to be cooked to this extent, only reason I say there is no excuse is because son was working in a department store with these on...maybe if it was construction he could get a pass but even still those are flame broiled you better off working barefoot bro...

Ran across ya man Pharrel on some website sporting these...


How Dare You...

Lmao This nigga Pharrel is buggin out to the umpteenth power...I dont know if he thought these were innovative in the fashion world, the only word I can think to describe these is HotGarbage (yes thats now one word)...why would you disrespect your feet like that? SMH...go head somewhere with them colorful buses on nigga...and the sad sh*t is some of you niggas will think these are dope just because Pharrel endorsing cant be serious

While dozing off in Intercultural Communications I discovered the last offense but certainly not the least...


How Dare You...

Yo put some socks on ma whats the matter with you? This has to be in the felony range of foot offenses, you running around with no socks on? and exposing them? at least keep your shoes on...everytime I look at this picture a wave of funk hits my nostrils gtfoh you should of excused yourself from the room

Smh I did my ya'll do you yours cause this has to stop...

Hoffa at me

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Should Be...

Studying for this test I have for history tomorrow...

but instead I'm playing "Lonely" Vado feat Cam over and over and over...

5 dollar speech you talk cheap/ on or off beat bars up like Wallstreet/ Knick game floor seats Nate Rob scores three/ GTS Porsche Jeep big grill like horse teeth - Vado


also tryna get my swole on...bout to do 150 pushups daily, try to stay consistent...if you dont use it you definitely will lose it...

On another note: I think ALL females are crazy, dead ass though. I just think there is different levels of crazy to each one. Some might be "waiting for you at your doorstep in denim overalls crazy" or just simply "mad at the world because I cant read their mind crazy"...but you wont find a completely sane one, theres no way.

Monday, January 25, 2010

G.Cole The SuperThug



Come on my mans u got the zoo face lookin wild stressed, na really this not funny cuz he looks mega-crazy but it seems G.Cole not playin with females, I honestly dont know why they keep trying him this is bout the 3rd domestic abuse arrest I've heard about involving the infamous G.Cole gangsta. he's wild small to be actin like this lmao

Link below for full story

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Slaughterhouse Euro Tour


Picture is DOPE!!!!

Good to see Slaughterhouse touring the world gettin them Euros!!!

Curren$y @ 595 North Ave ATL

Curren$y 595 North from Benjamin Styles on Vimeo.

Curren$y shut North Ave down this past friday alongside with DJ was definitely LIVE

I gained a newfound respect for Spitta during his performance he gets busy...

Check my man @Cashis_Elite getting live at about 0:08 seconds in the skully on with his long ass arms up and all that lol...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Clipse "Speak of Freedom"


The Clipse are known for their frequent drug references in all of their music, so this song is particularly DOPE to me because they shy away from that on this one...

Go get "Til the Casket Drops" if you havn't already!!!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Joe Budden New Mixtape : Irregular Heartbeat


"if you a janitor, mop the floor like a boss/push the ford like a porsche, sell a ounce like a bundle/treat ya plain lookin girlfriend like a model and the models gone want you"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jay Z and the "Illuminati"

So Im wild bored and decide to surf on for a second, which a rarely do anymore because its kind of a corny site to me, but I come across a video of a Christian kid coming at Jay Z and accusing him of worshipping the devil, lyrically over Jay Z's song "Renegade" (Classic Record).. any way the kid WENT IN, he really had skills i was impressed...but my reason for this blog entry is to show ya'll that, and touch on that subject briefly.

I was interested in all that "Illuminati" stuff a couple months ago and how it allegedly was linked to the music industry...but now I think that its corny and just fabricated for entertainment. But who knows whether its true or not...the funny thing is alot of you (...yeah, you!) would willingly be down with the "Illuminati" movement if they was offering you a substantial amount of money...stop frontin smh...but yeah here goes the "diss" track...? Lol idk what to call it but money was harmonizing on the hook and all that he got busy on this!!

Happy New Year. Im Sorry I Made U Wait!!! Im back

Been slippin on my blog game SMH... my mind was elsewhere but im definitely gonna get back on track with this...Im definitely gonna be blogging more passion for hip hop hasn't lessened or died so why should my blog!? Dub-dime (2010) gonna be a better year in every aspect ... as of late I've been workin wit my mans Jay Arroyo on building this "Capital Regime" empire... the boy got fire and his mixtape entitled "Upstate Cake" will be debuting as soon as possible!!! Hears a sneak peak into some stellar bars!!!

Capital Regime