Saturday, February 27, 2010

Soul Khan vs Deacon Frost

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

J. Cole @ The Loft in Atlanta

Ya boy was definitely in the building alongside @Cashis_Elite, @StunnaDaKid, @Larion, @TheCStudents, @raeboogz, and @maliss_iisshh

Great Event, although the DJ was trash and the opening acts, with exception of a few, were poorly booked, their music wasn't what this particular crowd wanted to hear

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amber Rose >>>>>>>>>> Grace Jones



Loaded Lux "Say Aah" Video x Mixtape

lmaoo Lux a funny dude, this is lava though it is possible to make a club record and be lyrical!

His mixtape "Get Ya Tapes Ready" hosted by The Legendary DJ Kid Capri just surfaced a couple weeks ago.

Download Here Loaded Lux "Get Ya Tapes Ready" Mixtape

OJ da Juiceman XXL Freshman 10 Freestyle (LMAO!!!)

He's by far the worst rapper out lmaooo, but! I knew he would be in the XXL Freshman 10 (refer to last year's predictions) due to his buzz last year...Aye!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goodz Freestyle

Crazy. Drops a few names in this one, even mentions Cass (they battled, off camera).


Nike Air Max Lebron VII Fairfax


Crack or Wack?

Via NiceKicks

Joell Ortiz "Nissan Honda Chevy"


Lol. Freestyle over the Lloyd Banks "Beamer Benz or Bentley" beat.

Download Here Joell Ortiz - "Nissan Honda Chevy"

Nike Air Max Hyperize Silver/Volt


Fire or Tired?

Via NiceKicks

Hollow Off The Top

Lol Hollow is fire, spazzin' off the top in the stu, lightly...

Lets Goooooo

Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Stripper


If it was definite that no one would find out some of you would try to holla at her

Kris Van Assche - Flat Calf Sneakers

The name is trash lol but what ya'll think about these???


Hot or Not?




Illustration by Alberto "Sting" Russo

Via FlyLyf

O Red vs Joe Lite

Round 1 + 2

Round 3

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fred Da Godson : "Big Bronx" Mixtape


Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh Fred is a animal!!!! If you aren't acquainted already, please get familiar!!! The metaphors are unmatched, I honestly don't think there is a rapper out there that has more clever metaphors than Fred.

After completing this entry I reached out to him via twitter so he could see this and here's what he said

I point that out cuz he seems like a humble dude and I admire people that are humble especially when they're as talented as he is.

Follow him on Twitter: Fred Da GodSon

Listen Here Fred Da Godson "Big Bronx" Mixtape

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dope Pieces

Good Wood x Chace Infinite Africa Piece


Good Wood NYC X Blessed Label 'BLSSD' Piece


Via StreetLevel



I know I know, I'm mad late this tape has been out but I posted because I think this cat is dope and I just started doin' my research on him. Especially because Southern artists usually get targeted with being non-lyrical rappers but he got bars! People forget that before the Lil Jon crunk music movement people like OutKast and Goodie Mob were actually spittin'

Download Here Pill - "4180: The Prescription" Mixtape

T-Rex Freestyle

"Put me in the club wit a semi I'ma Shyne"

Rex gets mad hate, he got crazy on this

Joell Ortiz (Shake Freestyle)


Joell locks in over that new Game record "Shake"

Download Here Joell Ortiz Shake Freestyle

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bird Chest


Cudi got heart

Broke Iz A Disease says:
Friday, February 19 2010 at 11:03 AM EST

this is a joke right? talk about a bird chest. If i punched this dude in the chest he would be coughin for months.

Shout out to dude that made that comment I was dying lmfao

J.Cole XXL Freshman 10 Freestyle

"The Nicest Wack Nigga"

Shouts to @gmillzstayfly for suggesting this blog entry and go check his blog out.

This for all of those that are the "nicest wack" people at their particular craft.

Let me make it clearer.....

Being the nicest wack person at a certain craft means you have talent, but the way you do it just makes you trash, regardless of whatever accolades you've attained, your longevity, or any other accomplishment you've acquired.

For example....


You trash bro. This picture is perfect because only a "nice wack" rapper would request for they sideburns to be lined up like this. You thought that was tough didn't you Christopher!? ... smh. Now Ludacris is without a doubt talented, no debatin' that. He's even among the top selling rap artists, if I'm not mistaken all of his albums went platinum....but you still trash my g lmfao. "Southern Hospitality" was my joint, and no one can truly say Ludacris is lyrically incompetent, all that rappin' fast stuff is cool but it's just not moving to me, but it's no "hate", he's just on that line between nice and wack. If it's still unclear to what i'm sayin', I'm sorry, it's just how I feel



You trash too. My guy @SouthSideKingC said it best, "Paul Pierce average at everything, but somehow is well above average overall. I don't get it scientifically lol" Lmao I can't say it any better than that. He's certainly one of the leaders of the Boston Celtics and has averages of 18.4 ppg, 4.7 rpg, and 3.4 apg which are decent still garbage my dude.

When you drive to the rack it look like your whole body hurt, on the court you have the demeanor of the old head at the rec that gets buckets while movin' wild slow and just makes stuff he doesn't even mean to make lmao. And I would get on that picture with the joint wearing fishnet stockings and that kangol but I'm not a "hater", do what you do bro...smh

For my sensitive audience, its just jokes dont take it too serious, yes both of them make the amount of money I dream about and no I don't think I'm perfect or better than anyone else...smh go watch the Disney channel or somethin'

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Routine Donut Binge



Thought this picture was dope, no disrespect to the honorable policemen out there (very few), but most of ya'll aint S#!t lol

Photography by James Quantz

Via StreetLevel

Fashawn XXL Freshman 10 Freestyle

"I did it without a hook from Kanye, a beat from Dr. Dre, a hook from T-Pain, a co-sign from Jay"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


"The gun bust on a nigga no greyhound,let it touch a nigga from here to A-Town,I'll have ya ass spin around like James Brown"

Mysonne, Goodz, Charlie Clips, and DNA...

You Can't Be Serious smfh


The Diet Butcher Slim Skin Horse Hair Sneaker.....

These joints look like they come straight out of the box FILTHY

Are you serious fam?????? My man, you got horse hair on your ankles???? And if that wasn't bad enough, there's a zipper at the back ankle part to zip your joints up LMFAO!!!!!!

And you know some fool is gonna' try to be innovative and leave it unzipped which will make them look 10x crazier than they already do with these trash kicks on. I sincerely hope the designer of this shoe see's this entry and re-evaluates their whole style cuz this isn't hot at all!!!


~Good Loox~

Young Chris (Dead Wrong Freestyle)

Young Chris made a guest appearance at Freeway's set @ Highline Ballroom

It's bout time Chris...damn! Where you been??? Na...but I know he has something cookin up, alot sleep on Chris, but as you can see he's fire

Via RapRadar

Clipse Interview (EGHCK!!)

I bangz with The Clipse real heavy so you already know this was going up!!

Via NahRight

Vegas Patta x Nike Air Max Burgundy Flavor


Raspberry Vegas

Cash or Trash?

Via High Snobiety

Nipsey Hussle XXL Freshmen 10 Freestyle


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beans dissin' Jay Z and Now T.I

"But shorty got caught with some hardware, and he home already somethin' wrong there, if I dont see it I dont say it, thats how I play it, I'm just sayin' what they sayin' they just scared to say it"

After watchin' it I really dont feel like he dissin' T.I, he's just sayin' what they sayin', they just scared to say But hey, who knows....

J.Cole "Knock on Wood" (Mean)


Your favorite new artist's favorite new artist blesses us with a freestyle

Download Link J.Cole "Knock on Wood"

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Griffey Flavors!!!


The smokey grey/aqua water joints?...Word??? Griffey is that how you feelin'???


Unreleased Stack Bundles "Hip Hop's Savior"


Its been about 3 years since Stack died, man does time fly. I remember when I found out I was with a joint while surfin' the net and my jaw dropped, I was like "yo we gotta listen to stack to pay homage" she probably wasn't feelin' that idea (you know how horrid females taste in music is...smh) but who cares, you already snow LiymAvel the great let that Stack ride anyway. Tomorrow some unreleased Stack Bundles entitled "Hip Hop's Savior" is supposed to come out (not sure if it will be up to d/l or purchase)(Editors Note: It's currently on itunes) but either way I gotta support...Stacks was ill. Check out "Rock Scrams" by Stack Bundles and "Can't Take That From Me" which will be featured on this project.

Stack Bundles - Cant Take That From Me

Stack Bundles - Rock Scrams

Here's one of my personal favorite throwback Stack joints.

SSSSSSSquadddddd Up! Chea!!!

(He carved Ali Vegas lol)

R.I.P Stack Bundles


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Dont really have much to talk about so this post is pointless....Oh well

Just seen Jim Jones in the new XXL mag with some southpole denims on lol I know he got a healthy check for that but its still funny.

Yo did ya'll hear shyne's verse on that new Khaled record???.....

LMAOOOOOO Po had the cookie monster voice someone pass homie some peppermint tea or something...smh

LiymAvel advice: Jay 2nd verse on Ignorant Shit is mad true. "dont believe everything ya earlobe captures, its mostly backwards, unless it happens to be as accurate as me, so everything said in song you happen to see, then actually believe half of what you see, none of what you hear.... even if its spat by me" ... basically go to the source of info when trying to find out something, just living by hearsay is immature and retarded. Smh

what else? *Red Cafe voice* Ohhh!! them new copper foamposites are fire...alot of people are gonna' be evicted due to these joints ...



You know that rent gonna' be late lol smh

Currently playing J.Cole "Show Me Something" ... 1 of my favorite joints of all time, very uplifting

"My niggas drug dealinnnn in the trap, I'm tellin you wake uppppp niggaaaa its a trap, you set up, and to them young mothers fed up, just keep yo head up, dont let up, you fall you get up, you make ya bed up that u sleep in, fake rappers aint practicin' what they preachin', they tell you hit the trap while they relaxin' on the beach and...."


If promoted and marketed correctly, that boy gonna' be a star, no doubt in my mind. Plus he gonna' have No I.D (producer of Death of Autotune)all over his debut LP so I already know the album gonna' be crazy.

Aight thats all for now...1!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New URL Cypher

"But when these p*****s feelin' like they wanna clap heaters, I just flair back and air max, track sneakers"


O Red > Tsu Surf > Arsonal

Intro to @maliss_iisshh !! FASHION DON"T !! Column

wuss good world? ... basically this is juss sum funny shitt me ( @maliss_iisshh ) & my homeboi ( @LiymAveli ) came up with to throw on here ... exposing niggas who lack common sense when it comes 2 clothing ... it won't be anything like " oh u can't match this color with that color " type entries ... juss materials U KNO you shudnt wear ... so without further adieu , lets get into tha first entry ....

!! FASHION DON'T !! for tha females:

"Coogi Sweater Dresses"


... honestly , do i need 2 say more? thats some shit Khia ( my neck,my back ) would wear ... to make matters worse , tha chick hadd on summ loose body Air Force 1's ( cream color edition ) to match ... c'mon baby you can do betta ... DUST YA FACE!!

!! FASHION DON'T !! for tha males:

"Mens Ugg Boots"


... the Chestnut flavors? lmfaooo , my homegirl from NY (harass her) tried to put me on these nasty things ... claimin they're cute and all tha dudes up north wear em .. talkin bout " when u wear em u gotta tuck tha bottom pant leg in tha boot " ... IS SHE SERIOUS??????? ... i dnt give a fukk ... my nigga real shitt , if u putt anything on ya feet that has the word "Ugg" on there , u juss came out tha closet .. respect yaself my brothers .. dont go purchase these juss cause ya wifey thinks they're cute smh ... learn how to say no .. especially when matters are this serious .. and for all tha dudes who thought they was gonna do damage @ tha club or on tha block w/ these boots .... juss kno niggas was destroying u when u turned that corner ... in danger of gettin smackd when u slide these boots on .. DUST YA FACE!!

my very very 1st blog entry so dnt try 2 slay me , juss lett me kno wut u think and how i can improve it .... follow me: @maliss_iisshh ... Too Elite !

Friday, February 12, 2010

LMAO Joey On Angela Yee

LMFAO Joe a funny nigga

"You wait until a million years later to be like "Oh my God he hit me"? Bitch you aint Rihanna"

2010 XXL Freshman 10

If you report back to this entry from August I made my predictions on who would grace the cover of the 2010 XXL Freshman 10 based on what was poppin' to me at the time...its about that time so lets see if I was accurate with my prediction

Wellll LiymAvel got 2 out of that 4 so far. As I expected J.Cole and Nipsey will be gracing the cover but alongside Fashawn and Pill as well. I wasn't and I'm still not very familiar with those artists, guess I should check them out...although the last XXL Freshman List included this nigga ...

lmao their credibility may be shot

by the way I was talkin to my guy Latonio and we agreed that the dude Fashawn was kinda' comin' at Cole in some type of form...

"no co-sign from Jay"

I don't know much about him but Cole is a savage beast and lyrically devours so he need to re-evaluate his bars before my son Cole gets crazy lol

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aye Verb vs. MurdaMook Analysis

For the past week or so, the possibility of St.Louis's Aye Verb battling Harlem's MurdaMook been lingering in the air and allegedly is going down due to Verb coming up with that 25k that Mook requested.

Check this video of Aye Verb proposing the idea to Mook

I'm real heavy into the battle scene and have been ever since I can remember...and Mook will kill Verb, no bias or none of that. Don't get me wrong I think Verb is nice, but if you compare each of their rounds in their last bouts Mook is easily the victor.

Round 1 Aye Verb vs Young Miles

Round 1 MurdaMook vs Young Hot

I realize people will say Young Miles is a tougher competitor than Young Hot but it really doesn't matter. Bars are bars no matter who they are against, you can see who is who by what they say, the charisma behind it, wittiness, metaphors...all of that.

Like I said I earlier Verb is hot, but he is smart as well. Verb knows he's good enough to get some "oooh's" and "aaah's", so either way it's gonna be a crazzzzy look for him. So even after he gets destroyed he will still come up lol.

Here's a convo they had over the phone

J.Cardim feat Juelz Santana - Juelz Interlude


This appears on J.Cardim's upcoming compilation LP entitled "Dice Music Group Presents The In Crowd". Recently he's produced several Joe Budden tracks including "Keep On", "Money's on Me", "Downfall" and "R.I.P"...Each everyone of them are fire.

Download Link J.Cardim feat Juelz Santana - Juelz Interlude

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hell Rell - Bullets And Gunsmoke

"I looked failure in the eyes and told 'em not me/I minimize and strategize when i got beef"

Probably the most consistent member of The Diplomats...this joint is know what you gonna get with Ruger, that hardcore formula he cook up every time is fine with LiymAvel....

Shakin' My Head


C'mon should be ashamed of yourself "Cudder"...I surf the web before I go to class and this is what I have to see? You jumpin' up in the air mad jolly with them denim leggings on??????? You really got some nerve boy

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nymesys "The Trailer" Mixtape


Just a lil taste before before "The Feature Presentation" drops. Get acquainted with this Dot Mobb Wave

Download Link Nymesys "The Trailer"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Curren$y: Smokee Robinson


Initially I thought he was dropping it at halftime...


Baaaaabbbbbyyyyyy here it iiiiiiiiiis (here it iiisssss) *Max B voice*


Download Link Curren$y and Cannon - "Smokee Robinson" Mixtape

Update: This tape is good money all the way through
Personal favorites - Yet Another Story, I Dont Fucks You Lately (Nipsey destroyed this joint), Invincible Jets, Life Under The Scope, and Vision

2 Thumbs up from LiymAvel aka S Dot Carver <----follow me lol



Nicki who?!?!?!?..................'Nuff said....smh

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beamer, Benz or Bentley


Banks last mixtape "V.5" was crazy hard and follows with another banger with SkullGang Boss Juelz Santana...meannnnnnn

Download Link Lloyd Banks feat Juelz Santana - Beamer, Benz, or Bentley

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Max B: F*ck You


How ironic is it that I put some vintage Max on the page yesterday, and today a new leak from him surfaces the net?? Oooowwwwww I'm not complaining! Ima keep it real, I'm currently in the library and don't even have any headphones in my possession, so I havn't even heard the song before I decided to post this entry. But Max sh*t is so wavy that a trial listen isn't even necessary...

Download Link Max B - F*ck You

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Free The Biggavel


smh man this joint right here bring so much memories up. You know the joints that just take you back to where you were at in life...thats the type of records Biggavel made man. "All this wave I bring to the game, ya niggas better show Biggavel that love man..." Ironically I had lived in the south for a lil while before I started bumpin that Max real heavy. They gotta let this nigga out, I could be wrong but to my knowledge he is in jail for wild years because of an alleged testimony that his ex gave. I feel thats corny because we all know ex's can be spiteful and it ultimately benefited her and reduced her sentence for her involvement in the crime. Yo if they lock Max up for all them years they at least have to put the Stu (studio) in the cell with him. Dead ass. His sh*t a whole nother genre, niggas cant make wave like that...I dont even be on this planet when Biggavel on, its like an out of body experience...lmao na lemme stop, but we lost a helluva talent. I honestly dont even get when somebody say they dont rock wit Biggavel...I immediately be like...Word???? His knack for hooks was/is crazy and his unorthodox delivery makes him dope to me and very unique. Listen to what the boy saying, he not gonna hit you with no Nas type jewels but he got bars without a doubt and just makes good, enjoyable, wavy music. Smh thats enough of me ranting...

Check out "Blow Me A Dub"

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Fire: Joell Ortiz, Jae Millz, and Saigon - God Forgive Me


Joell Ortiz, Jae Millz, and Saigon appear on this track for DJ Kay Slay's "More Than Just A DJ" LP. Joell destroyed this beat somethin' serious. I was also pleased to hear Millz go back to rapping how he did pre-Young Money, he definitely went in. Just earlier today I almost totally counted him out after he tweeted some washed bars via Twitter lol. He's dope when he doesn't have Wayne's d.n.a in him. Saigon verse solid as well but probably outshined by the first two.

Download Link Kay Slay feat Joell Ortiz, Jae Millz, and Saigon

LMFAO!!! Throwback Rap City Freestyle

Shout out to my bro Jay "Ocean" Arroyo for diggin' in the archives and retrieving this funny sh*t! lmao

Look how goofy your man Joe Budden is acting in the beginning lmao he had to be "groovin'" off something right there...thats my guy but he was wildin lol

These Ying Yang Twin niggas is more than hilarious...Im currently in the library at school right now and couldn't but bust out laughing when son started rappin'. Haaaanh!!!!

New Sh*t: Gladiators Starring B.O.B & J.Cole


This blog entry suggests that its J.Cole's song, but its actually a song featured on Grand Hustle's own Bobby Ray's upcoming mixtape hosted by DJ Drama & DJ sense that is set to promote his album that will be released on May 25th. They each have one verse a piece. I must say Bobby locked in, I was impressed...but the boy J.Cole??? GOT could be me being biased toward Cole because I'm a fan of him. Either way its a dope song and Alchemist is always crazy with the production. I've yet to hear J.Cole come with a verse thats anything less than crazy!


Download Link B.O.B feat J.Cole "Gladiators"