Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aye Verb vs. MurdaMook Analysis

For the past week or so, the possibility of St.Louis's Aye Verb battling Harlem's MurdaMook been lingering in the air and allegedly is going down due to Verb coming up with that 25k that Mook requested.

Check this video of Aye Verb proposing the idea to Mook

I'm real heavy into the battle scene and have been ever since I can remember...and Mook will kill Verb, no bias or none of that. Don't get me wrong I think Verb is nice, but if you compare each of their rounds in their last bouts Mook is easily the victor.

Round 1 Aye Verb vs Young Miles

Round 1 MurdaMook vs Young Hot

I realize people will say Young Miles is a tougher competitor than Young Hot but it really doesn't matter. Bars are bars no matter who they are against, you can see who is who by what they say, the charisma behind it, wittiness, metaphors...all of that.

Like I said I earlier Verb is hot, but he is smart as well. Verb knows he's good enough to get some "oooh's" and "aaah's", so either way it's gonna be a crazzzzy look for him. So even after he gets destroyed he will still come up lol.

Here's a convo they had over the phone


  1. I think Aye needs to come up with the 25 or keep pushing... Why should Mook step to his level... If you a beast and believe in your skills then why not come up with the money...

  2. its official, he came up with the bread, their due to battle sometime during the summer, Mook gonna spank that boy smh