Saturday, February 13, 2010

Intro to @maliss_iisshh !! FASHION DON"T !! Column

wuss good world? ... basically this is juss sum funny shitt me ( @maliss_iisshh ) & my homeboi ( @LiymAveli ) came up with to throw on here ... exposing niggas who lack common sense when it comes 2 clothing ... it won't be anything like " oh u can't match this color with that color " type entries ... juss materials U KNO you shudnt wear ... so without further adieu , lets get into tha first entry ....

!! FASHION DON'T !! for tha females:

"Coogi Sweater Dresses"


... honestly , do i need 2 say more? thats some shit Khia ( my neck,my back ) would wear ... to make matters worse , tha chick hadd on summ loose body Air Force 1's ( cream color edition ) to match ... c'mon baby you can do betta ... DUST YA FACE!!

!! FASHION DON'T !! for tha males:

"Mens Ugg Boots"


... the Chestnut flavors? lmfaooo , my homegirl from NY (harass her) tried to put me on these nasty things ... claimin they're cute and all tha dudes up north wear em .. talkin bout " when u wear em u gotta tuck tha bottom pant leg in tha boot " ... IS SHE SERIOUS??????? ... i dnt give a fukk ... my nigga real shitt , if u putt anything on ya feet that has the word "Ugg" on there , u juss came out tha closet .. respect yaself my brothers .. dont go purchase these juss cause ya wifey thinks they're cute smh ... learn how to say no .. especially when matters are this serious .. and for all tha dudes who thought they was gonna do damage @ tha club or on tha block w/ these boots .... juss kno niggas was destroying u when u turned that corner ... in danger of gettin smackd when u slide these boots on .. DUST YA FACE!!

my very very 1st blog entry so dnt try 2 slay me , juss lett me kno wut u think and how i can improve it .... follow me: @maliss_iisshh ... Too Elite !

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