Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 XXL Freshman 10

If you report back to this entry from August I made my predictions on who would grace the cover of the 2010 XXL Freshman 10 based on what was poppin' to me at the time...its about that time so lets see if I was accurate with my prediction

Wellll LiymAvel got 2 out of that 4 so far. As I expected J.Cole and Nipsey will be gracing the cover but alongside Fashawn and Pill as well. I wasn't and I'm still not very familiar with those artists, guess I should check them out...although the last XXL Freshman List included this nigga ...

lmao their credibility may be shot

by the way I was talkin to my guy Latonio and we agreed that the dude Fashawn was kinda' comin' at Cole in some type of form...

"no co-sign from Jay"

I don't know much about him but Cole is a savage beast and lyrically devours so he need to re-evaluate his bars before my son Cole gets crazy lol

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