Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jay Z and the "Illuminati"

So Im wild bored and decide to surf on for a second, which a rarely do anymore because its kind of a corny site to me, but I come across a video of a Christian kid coming at Jay Z and accusing him of worshipping the devil, lyrically over Jay Z's song "Renegade" (Classic Record).. any way the kid WENT IN, he really had skills i was impressed...but my reason for this blog entry is to show ya'll that, and touch on that subject briefly.

I was interested in all that "Illuminati" stuff a couple months ago and how it allegedly was linked to the music industry...but now I think that its corny and just fabricated for entertainment. But who knows whether its true or not...the funny thing is alot of you (...yeah, you!) would willingly be down with the "Illuminati" movement if they was offering you a substantial amount of money...stop frontin smh...but yeah here goes the "diss" track...? Lol idk what to call it but money was harmonizing on the hook and all that he got busy on this!!

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