Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Currensy XXL Interview


New Orleans native Curren$y has seen a lot. After running through deals with No Limit and Lil Wayne and Baby Birdman’s Young Money/Cash Money, the self-proclaimed Hot Spitta decided to do things on his own terms. In 2008, he hustled online with highly downloaded mixtapes like Independence Day and Higher Than 30,000 Feet. The buzz he created helped Curren$y earn a spot on XXL’s 2009 Freshmen cover (which dropped in December 2008). After the look, things began moving slow for Spitta, who went on to drop two digitally retailed albums with Amalgam (This Ain’t No Mixtape and Jet Files) in 2009, before hooking up with former Roc-A-Fella Co-CEO Damon Dash. Now, as part of Dame’s Creative Control/DD172 collective, Curren$y seems to be finally taking off! Since being on XXL’s Freshmen cover, what has the past year and change been like for you?

Curren$y: I think I turned it up at the end. It got crazy at the end. You did turn it up. What were the difficulties for you after the cover in the beginning?

Curren$y: I think once I started moving around a little bit more, I realized that I could do more for my city if I got out of it. I was trying to do everything from right there and that was closing off a lot of access to shit I needed to reach more people. So once I started moving around a little more, I made more connections and shit and I was able to get my hands on more of the shit I needed. Me spending more time in New York definitely turnt that shit up. When did you decide that coming to New York would be a benefit for you?

Curren$y: I came out here like around September or October [2009], spending more time out here. Instantly I started seeing the effect of what I can do and the shit that I can get done as opposed to the amount of shit I get done when I shoot back to [New Orleans]. Once I noticed how much shit I was getting done in New York, I moved out here and started staying with my homeboy. Then once that shit started happening with Dame, I moved out here so I can be close to the Creative Control offices. Now I can shoot videos whenever I want to.

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