Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TiffStarChronicles 1: The weather is getting hotter are your fits?

I can honesty say I'm a huge fan of the summertime!
The sneakers are crazy..the color combinations are perfect..and the new styles take all risk! But its not up to the designers to make you look good its up to you to make there creations look well put together..I'm tired of seeing everything so cliche and that goes for the guys and girls...fellas if your going to do the "white boy" look don't take it so literally...if you throw a lil hood shit in there trust me YOU WILL STILL BE FLEE my opinion you will be making yourself stand out a lil more and not look like your following a on to the ladies....(Long pausing) there's so much I can say about what us girls do wrong sometimes in the summer but I'm going to just sum it up like this DONT LOOK UP TO LOCAL HOOD CELEBS FOR TRENDS LOOK TO THE VOGUE AND ELLE TRENDS THEY ARE BOOTLEGGING! Its 2010 invent yourself not someone else ya digg! Individuality shows personality.....personality reflects what kind of person are you?
signing out

P.s:my liym hope for my first blog entry it was alright lol

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