Friday, August 7, 2009

Battle: Tay Rock vs. Charlie Clips

B'More's Tay Rock vs. Harlem's Charlie Clips!

Its up to the viewer to determine who wins, but its pretty clear to me who won. . .


Tay Rock had some hot metaphors and his flow was good money but ya man Charlie was SPAZZING on him! ! !

Despit my opinion of who won the battle, I was still impressed with Tay Rock and decided to look more into him as a rapper. . . I looked him up on youtube and he has several battle footage up. . .the majority of it was when he was ONLY 16, but he was killin dudes! ! !

One thing I noticed was how agressive he was in those battles and how he lacked that same intensity during the battle with Charlie Clips. . . I'm assuming that the battles posted on youtube all took place in his hometown of Baltimore, so that may explain the difference of energy, being that the battle with Charlie Clips took place in Harlem. . . I'm certainly not taking anything away from Charlie because his punchline were CRAZY and i feel even if Tay Rock was more aggressive I feel Clips would have won regardless. . . BUT I DO feel that Rock would have a better chance if he incorporated more of that GRITTY, GRIMEY aggression that he had in prior battles. . . that energy is always condoned in this lane of hip-hop . . . now that I've talked to you to death (lol) check out these links of Tay Rock's prior rap battles. . .

Rock Goes 2nd in Both

You see the aggression? Yeahhhh

Tay Rock 09 Freestyle (He's only 21)

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