Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thoughts on Joe Budden Vs. Raekwon



Being a big Joe Budden fan, I was actually in his live chat (via Blogtv) when all of this transpired. Mickey Factz was in front of the camera talking to the fans when suddenly Raekwon came in accompanied by 5 people. Initially it seemed they were coming in peacefully because they dapped Mickey Factz as well as Joe Budden. But. . .as Rae began to talk ,it wasnt hard to tell that he had brought some negative energy with him. I noticed that one of the members of Rae;s entourage came in with a camera, at that point I knew something was going to go down and that they came with a certain motive in mind. I cant quote EXACTLY on what he said, but he kept asking Joe about a preceding vlog (video blog) that he made concerning Methodman and the rest of the Wu. At that point i was fully aware of what he was referring to yet Joe acted as if he didnt know what Rae was talking about. Rae had alot of aggression inhis voice and the movement of his hands indicated that he was upset. . . During this whole encounter between the two, Mickey directed the camera toward the both of them with a slight smirk on his face (lol). Joe's voice was low as if he didnt want the fans to hear what he was saying or because he may have been nervous or just trying to figure out whats happening since it all was so sudden . Then he made a hand signal to Mickey basically ttelling him to end the live broadcast, and then the connection was lost. . .

Personally, I already knew what was going to happen. . .I actually had a feeling that Rae was gonna snuff him on camera! And as I expected. . .my assumptions were correct and Joe broadcasted live with an ice pack on his eye (lol). . .He explained what happened and basically a member of Rae's entourage hit him.

The thing that kills me about Joe is he always acts like he doesnt know whats going on like people are crazy to act the way they do and that he does nothing wrong. Im not condoning what Rae and his entourage did, because I thought it was kinda corny, but I do understand why. . . On an apology video Joe made to Meth. . he clearly said anyone associated with Meth from this point on that feels like they can say his name is gonna cause the peace treaty to be over and that there would be nothing Royce or Crook could do or say to prevent him from handling it accordingly. . . With that being said, I feel when Rae asked him what he said, Joe should of just kept it 100 and told him how he felt about everything, but who knows maybe at that time Joe didnt know what he was talking about, but I highly doubt it, anyone thats familiar with Joe and follows him as an artist knows that Joe is far from dumb. Rae's comments about him "being the type to call police" came off as disrespectful so I understood why Joe reacted the way he did.

Miss info covered the story the best out of all the sites so check this link out for more details

Here's a link to Mickey Factz explaining whats happened

Update (August 10th) - Founder and owner of "Rock the Bells" said both parties were able to put their differences aside. . .Check out the Article

Another Update (lol) - I tuned in Joe's live stream via Blogtv and he reported that those claims by the founder and owner of "Rock the Bells" were false and that he and Rae were never in the same room squashing the beef. He says that its quite the contrary and that the only way this issue will be resolved is when Rae accpets his challenge to a "squaredance" aka one on one fight. According to Joe, Rae dismissed the challenge and doesnt want to fight. Joe insists that he will not stop baiting Rae into the fight until it happens and that once it happens he wont even speak of it. . .

p.s In his live stream he also said " the nigga punched me in my face, and threw the "icewater" bandana on me like he caught a body or something" LMFAO (not really relevant, but I thought it was hilarious)

Check out Joe Budden's blog via Youtube (username - cheah201) entitled "Updated: Squaredance"


  1. I understand that these bruthas are hood reaped and have a code of ethics that is a little different then the main stream. In the streets, you gotta be strong; but here in lies my question: Why are some of these bruthas so easily shook? Shook as in susceptible to having their feelings hurt dumb easy? This punk azz emotionally shaken, angry, lashin out like a toddler on the playground drama is corney as hell. You're supposed to be bosses. Grown men handling big fish...and brushin off dandruff cuz its small. Get a grip. Gettin mad over this dumb stuff is like being a crybaby to me. Its that for something real like the birth of your seed... something worthy man, please! Grow up! Your not in the sandbox anymore playa. Your showin your self esteem level is about a 2 outta 10. Gave u 1 pt for takin a shower, and another point for having a driver's license...... Tru

  2. lol at your last comments. . .but i definitely feel you bro . . it is corny for grown men to be actin like that...and for the most part i feel joe budden handled the situation well from apologizin to methodman and attempting to diffuse the situation. . .to the public's understandin the beef was over. . .but rae jus added fuel to it for no reason it seems. . sayin slick comments and ultimately bargin into his dressing room uninvited wit cameras puttin on a show. . .i appreciate your comment. . .feel free to comment any blog entry i jus got into the bloggin thing and have a passionate love for hip hop and would like to gain a following. . .spread the word im gonna keep this goin....100